FX+ Questions

What is FX+?

FX+ lets you experience FX AD FREE. Watch over 100 seasons and 1000 episodes of your favorite FX originals perfectly uninterrupted. Enjoy every current FX season plus all-time favorites AD FREE, anytime and anywhere on all your devices, and FXNOW. Critically-acclaimed hits. Award-winning favorites. FX+ is FX unleashed.

FX+ is currently available to Xfinity customers for an upgrade fee of $5.99 more per month.


Who can sign up for FX+?

FX+ is currently available to Xfinity TV subscribers who currently subscribe to FX and FXX. Go to for more information.


How do I upgrade to FX+?

Xfinity TV subscribers can upgrade to the new service via Xfinity set top boxes, phone (1800-Xfinity) or online at Any Xfinity customer who has X1 can order by saying “FX Plus” into the X1 voice remote and then follow the on-screen instructions.


Is FX+ a TV Channel?

FX+ is not a standalone service, so you won’t find it in your list of live TV channels. You can find it in the On Demand section of your Xfinity On Demand menu, on Xfinity Stream mobile app, and FXNOW.


How can I watch FX+?

  • Xfinity set top box in the On-Demand section. 

  • Xfinity Stream for mobile 

  • com/stream 

  • FXNOW apps (back catalog episodes of FX originals coming soon)
  • com (back catalog episodes of FX originals coming soon)


What Shows are available on FX+?

Current seasons of FX and FXX original series are available AD FREE with FX+. With FX+ you also get over 100 seasons and over 1000 episodes of your favorite FX originals perfectly uninterrupted.

  • American Horror Story – all seasons 

  • Better Things 

  • You’re The Worst 

  • The Strain 

  • Snowfall 

  • Sons of Anarchy – all seasons 

  • Damages – all seasons 

  • Nip/Tuck – all seasons 

  • Rescue Me – all seasons 

  • It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia – all seasons (starting 10/1/2017) 

  • The Shield – all seasons 

  • Wilfred – all seasons 

  • Lights Out – all seasons 

  • The Riches – all seasons 

  • Over There – all seasons 

  • Terriers – all seasons 

  • Thief – all seasons 

Back catalog of FX originals currently available on Xfinity platform & will be coming soon to FXNOW.


When are Episodes available?

New episodes are available at the same time they air on live TV, but with no commercials, so you can finish first. Previously aired episodes and seasons are available at all times. 

How do I sign-in to watch FX+ content?

Subscribers can sign-in to watch FX+ content using their Xfinity username and password. 


Can I download episodes from FX+?

Yes. You can access temporary downloads for current season shows on FX+ through the Xfinity Stream app. 


Can I watch FX+ on my TV?

Yes you can watch on the following platforms: 

  • Xfinity set-top box
  • Xfinity Stream for iOS, Android and online
  • FXNOW apps on living room devices


Does FX+ offer closed–captioned episodes?

FX+ content is closed-captioned.


Where can I get support for FX+?

For billing inquiries, subscription questions, login problems or problems associated with your cable box, your best contact is Xfinity customer care. Please visit or contact Xfinity Customer Care at 1-800-XFINITY.


How can I provide feedback?

Please contact Xfinity Customer Care at 1-800-XFINITY.


How do I unsubscribe?

Xfinity customers can unsubscribe through their Xfinity account online.
If your question is about your account, please login to your account at


I have a question about FX+ that is not listed here. What should I do?

If you have questions about your account, please contact Xfinity Customer Care at 1-800-XFINITY.


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