How do I connect my TV provider account?,, FXNOW app,, and Nat Geo TV app

In order to stream full episodes on,, and the FXNOW app, or current season episodes on and the Nat Geo TV app, you will need an account with a participating TV provider. 

When trying to stream a full episode on,, the FXNOW mobile app,, or the Nat Geo TV mobile app, you will be prompted to select from a list of TV providers. After clicking on your TV provider, you will be redirected to the login page for that provider. Just enter your login information, the interface will then close and the episode will begin playing.

On the FXNOW and Nat Geo TV apps for TV-connected devices, you will receive an activation code.  Keep that activation code handy, and once you get to the activation website, follow the instructions to connect your TV provider.

Here are the activation sites:


Nat Geo TV:

Once you complete the activation process on the website, the episode will load on your TV and be available for viewing.


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