Advertisement Questions

Why are there ads when streaming online?

Just as on broadcast television, our business model relies on advertising revenue when streaming FOX, FX, and National Geographic content online. However, in general we try to make the user experience as friendly as possible, providing a variety of ad content and, in certain cases, an option for interactive advertisements.

Why am I seeing the same ad repeated so often?

Advertisers pay for ad space for specific programs and content online, and ads in online streaming are an entirely different service than ads sold for broadcast. If a limited number of advertisers buy space for specific shows, it can often seem that ads are regularly repeating themselves. We strive to create as diverse of a group of advertisements as possible. If you think a particular is continuously repeating, please let us know

Why am I seeing a glitch or an error in a specific ad?

If something looks off in an ad, please contact us and describe the problem in more detail (grainy video, no sound, etc.).

Please also provide the following information in as much detail as possible:
-What exact episode were you watching (series, season, episode)?
-What product was being advertised?
-At which ad break did the error occur?
-What device were you using at the time (computer, iPad, Roku, etc.)?
-Who is your Internet Service Provider?
-Are you using a wired or wireless connection?
-At what time of day did the issue occur?
-Where are you located (city/state)?

* You may also want to check out the troubleshooting page for streaming on our website:, or for your specific device with the FOX NOW, FXNOW, or Nat Geo app, to troubleshoot the issue.

For any further questions on or FOX NOW, please contact us using the FOX customer service form: or email us at

For any further questions on, or FXNOW, please contact us using the FX customer service form or

For any further questions on or the Nat Geo TV app, please contact us using the National Geographic customer service form or email us at


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